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Edward Booth
from Goolwa, South Australia is the official Sponsor of EV Festival.

Edward became hooked on EVs in Italy in 2005. He returned to Australia and bought an electric bike, but the following year built his own electric car based on a Subaru Sherpa. This car was the first to be presented to Regency Park under the current rules.

Edward kept that car for many years, but built another in 2010 based on a Fiat X19. This car reached 168km/h on Goolwa airstrip, but was impractical for everyday use. He sold it and built another, this time a Subaru Wagon which he kept until 2019 when the batteries started to fade.

Edward was one of the re-founding members of AEVA SA Branch, and held the position of Chairman and National President for a number of years. He is a Life Member.

In 2010, Edward set up the Goolwa Gopher Festival and GP where gophers were put through their paces reaching speeds of around 45km/h. This event was run four times until 2015. A gopher dragster reached 110km/k on Goolwa airstrip before being destroyed before it killed someone!

After a year without an EV (and suffering severe withdrawal symptoms), he bought a Hyundai Ioniq in 2020.

The joy of driving electric has never faded, and Edward is determined to bring that joy to as many people as possible. Hence, he is sponsoring this web site until a commercial sponsor steps up.

Drive an EV and you really won’t want to go back!

Thank you Edward for your generosity
EV Festival Administration


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