About Us

EV Festival has been developed as a way of announcing and promoting any electric vehicle event in Australia and New Zealand.
The event can even be a virtual event, as are so many during this COVID-19 period, including many from overseas.

No bookings are taken on this site, we only supply information and links to the event organisers’ websites.

Any event that includes some aspect of electric vehicles can be submitted to this site – at no cost.

This has been developed by Eric Rodda, who has been an electric vehicle enthusiast for many years.
Eric is the Secretary of the South Australian branch of the AEVA.

EV Festival is run as a Not-For-Profit website, relying on Sponsorship to help cover the costs.

Any payments are invoiced and receipted by Kestar Enterprises – Eric Rodda’s business name since 1978.
Kestar Enterprises is not registered for GST.

This website was officially launched in October 2020.


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